Founded in 1855, the Amana Woolen Mill is known for its American-made wool and cotton blankets and is Iowa’s only remaining operating woolen mill.


Dansk International was founded in 1954 by American entrepreneur Ted Nierenberg. Danish designer Jens Quistgaard's Kobenstyle line of enameled steel cookware for Dansk had it's start in late 1955. Kobenstyle was initially produced in Denmark and was available in four colors in the first year: Turquoise, Yellow, Red and Lime Green (the latter of which was quickly dropped).

Drexel Heritage

Founded in 1903, Drexel Heritage has been producing American-made furniture and design for more than a century and is best known for high end design and luxury furnishings.

Faribault Woolen mills

Founded in Minnesota, Faribault Woolen Mills has a rich history and heritage dating back to the its early army blanket-producing days. The mill's new designs have also recently been featured at Target and West Elm. 


Designed by Jane and Gordon Martz and manufactured by Marshall Studios in the 1960s. Jane Marshall met Gordan Martz as students at the New York State College of Ceramics. In 1951 they joined Indiana's Marshall Studios, a family-operated collective founded by Jane's grandmother in 1922. For the next 38 years, the Martzes produced a variety of ceramics, including this stoneware lamp. Slip cast and hand decorated, each piece was designed to be uniquely one of a kind. Their work has been featured in NYC's Museum of Modern Art.

Mccobb, Paul

Best known for his furniture, Paul McCobb was an artist turned prolific modern designer. Manufactured by the Winchendon Furniture Company, his Planner Group collection was among the best selling contemporary furniture lines of the 1950s and was in continuous production from 1949 until 1964. Learn more.

Red wing pottery

Named for its location in Red Wing, Minnesota, Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery (now Red Wing Pottery) dates back to 1887. The company got its start producing its now signature crocks and jugs for local farmers, but soon expanded to include the production of ceramic dinnerware and art as new technology replaced the need for its earlier products.

Royal Haeger Pottery

A household name for more than 130 years, Royal Haeger potteries has spent the last century-plus producing some seriously cool ceramic works. 

swan brand

Founded by the in the early 20th century, Swan Brand is best known for domestic goods including teapots, kettles and cookware. The 1920s ushered in a new age of development and success for the company when it debuted one of the first electric kettle components. 

Wright, Russel

An American Industrial designer, Russel Wright is credited for helping bring modern design to the general public with his artistically and period significant contributions to home decor and design throughout the early 20s and into the 1960s. His design ethos revolving around creating work that was beautiful, useful, affordable and widely available. Learn more.